Monday, 23 March 2020

What's The Best Vegan Sausage? (With podcast and photos)

I've barely left the house in over a week. Teaching at my university went online last week. Adam Ferner and I were due to do an event last Thursday for our new book 'How To Disagree', with Gary Younge and Nesrine Malik kindly agreeing to join us for a conversation at Amnesty in London. But, of course, it didn't happen.

The Sunday before, Adam and I were due to go to Vegan Life Live at Alexandra Palace. This was also cancelled. So Adam had the idea of having our own vegan taste test round my house. He brought over a pile of different brands of vegan sausages- and his audio recorder - and we set to work.

Below is a 15 minute edit of our conversation as we cooked in my kitchen. I've listened to it a couple of times and think it's worth sharing.

Our conversation was unplanned but ends up being largely about my experience of working in an abattoir at the age of 14 and ideas of masculinity. Towards the end Rageshri comes home from the hospital. My light-hearted comment about the coronavirus are partly an attempt to lift her spirits - but they already sounds like words from a different time. And I do wonder if part of the reason I enjoyed listening to this is because I don't know when I'll see Adam in person again.


And here are the all-important results of our research:

                                                 BBQ Jackfruit rolls (plant menu) 💥💥

                                    Chorizo style bangers (Wicked kitchen)💥💥💥💥💥

Cumberland style bangers (Tesco Plant Chef) 💥💥💥💥

Red Pepper and Butternut Squash Sausages (Plant Menu) 💥💥💥

                                               Bollywood Bangers (Heck) 💥💥💥

Masala Roast Cauliflower Sausages (Plant Menu) 💥💥💥

Smoky Ham Free slices (Quorn) 💥